Bambino Cafe


19:00-21:00, Rue Ravenstein 64, 1000 Bruxelles

Full Capacity. Registration for social event now closed

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The Event

The 11th Annual BELVIR Symposium will be followed by a social event to stimulate networking in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. This evening event is optional and open to all Symposium attendees.

Participation in this event involves a supplementary fee (15€), which is charged upon Symposium registration and covers a voucher for food and drinks.

Note: Since the number of places available at the social event is limited, this event may only be available to those who register earliest. Once full, registration for the social event will be closed, with registration for the symposium remaining open.

Food options

The venue specializes in a special type of gourmet pizza called pinsa. These differ from regular pizzas due to their unique oval shape. Also, the dough is made from a combination of soy, rice and wheat flour which makes pinsa a much healthier alternative to traditional pizza. There will also be complementary cold meats and cheese boards available for all to share.


The voucher to attend the social event entitles you to one pizza with a drink of your choice. There will be three pizza options available for this event. Each serving is enough for one person

  • Parma: Redbase, parma ham, mozzarella, arugula
  • Diavola: Red base, mozzarella, hot & spicy salam
  • Sole Mio: Red base, homemade pesto, grilled vegetables, mozzarella (vegetarian)

You can choose your preference during registration. This is just so the venue can estimate the approximate amount of each option to have available at the event. You will still need to request your preferred option on the night of the event at the venue.