Scientific Programme

11th Annual BELVIR Symposium – Scientific program



Wendy Barclay  (Imperial College, London):


                      "Host range barriers to influenza pandemics"

Benson Ogunjimi  (University of Antwerp) 


"Using multidisciplinary approaches to improve the understanding of varicella-zoster virus pathophysiology" 



Thematic sessions:

  • Viral pathogenesis and immune response
  • Viral genomics and evolution
  • Antiviral therapy and prevention
  • Clinical virology, epidemiology and surveillance

Each session will include a mixture of both 15 min talks with questions and pitch talks of 5 min

The schedule for the Annual BELVIR Symposium, including a full list of speakers and talk titles* in each session, is available to download here. Talk abstracts will only be available to symposium attendees.


*To protect the intellectual property rights of some presenters, where applicable, some talk titles are not disclosed in this publicly available schedule. Instead, they are described as “Confidential”. The complete list of talk titles will only be available to symposium attendees.